Matt Folliott is a comedian/actor/writer from Toronto. You can catch him on stage with The Second City National Touring Company, Canadian Comedy Award winners the Sketchersons, S&P or Canadian Comedy Award Nominees K$M. Matt has traveled across North America performing and teaching in comedy festivals like IMPROVAGANZA (Edmonton, AB), The Vancouver International Improv Festival, The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (Austin, TX), MPROV (Montreal, QB), and The Seattle International Festival of Improv. Look for Matt on your TV and laptop screens in shows like Wandering Wenda, Make it Pop, The Next Step, Baroness Von Sketch Show & stayoutofthedesert.com ~ Enjoy this site responsibly!



Truth Bombs & Character Creation

Day 1: Truth Bombs Playing from a truthful place when we improvise can be freeing in it's simplicity. The truth resonates with us, and allows us to worry less about inventing the funny and lets us focus more on discovering the funny . Truth bombs will help you explore the power and fun of playing from your real life and show you how to turn those experiences into wonderful offers on stage. Day 2: Character Creation As improvisers creating comedy in the moment can become less challenging and more fun when we filter everything we do through the eyes, ears, and point of view of a character. Character Creation will push you to create memorable, sustainable, character choices. Using unique and traditional methods we'll show you how to summon larger than life characters as well as more subtle, nuanced weirdos. Must have a minimum of 1 year of improv experience, the equivalent of A-E improvisation levels at Second City. If you have questions please send Matt a private message. Some exceptions will be made. DATE: Friday, March 16th & Saturday, March 17th 2018 TIME: March 16th 11 AM - 6 PM (1 hour break), March 17th 11 AM - 6PM (1 hour break) COST: $165.00 + tax per student, a limit of 14 students, 12 hours of class time. Contact Matt Folliott by email to register.

Catch 23

Catch 23. Toronto's hottest Improvised comedy death match.
Every Friday 8pm at Comedy Bar $10

Blast From The Past

The second Thursday of every month at Comedy Bar 8pm
You're heartwarming and embarrassing memories and moments brought to life on stage. Hosted by Susan Debreceni

Foster Talent

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